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Ages 2.5-6

The Prepared Environment of the Primary classroom is designed to meet the specific needs and tendencies of children, 2.5-6 years of age. In this environment the children are given opportunities to develop themselves individually within the grounds of a social community. The materials and lessons are categorized under five areas, which are all interrelated to help children achieve maximum success.

The role of a Montessori teacher in a classroom is that of an observer. By preparing an environment that meets the specific learning needs of each child the children can become independent learners.

Our Montessori 2.5 to 6 classroom is an interactive environment which promotes hands on learning where exploration is encouraged. By giving children a prepared environment they can become the independent children they thrive to be. The pattern of an adult’s life is formed in their early years, so independence, confidence and capability are very important for young children to become independent, confident and capable adults. What a child learns from age 2.5 to 6 years is an education for life.

To learn more about our Primary Program enrollment, please attend an Open House event or schedule a tour with us today!

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