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Hi Everyone

I’m Ava 2 & Ayana’s mom. Can’t believe this school year came to an end so quickly.

We have been Montessori parents for more than 5 years now starting with our son. During the pandemic, our old Montessori closed down and that left us in scrambling for a Montessori for our twins.

We needed that sense of trust and care along with quality learning. As well as the safety precautions due to Covid still being around us. We were lucky, one of our old Montessori teachers suggested Splendor. Initially it was just my husband who came for the walk through and was impressed with Ms. Christine and the safety & sanitizing protocols Dr. Litai had set. I came a few days later to see for myself before leaving my precious little babies in a new place all by themselves. And I reached the same conclusion as him. And now I can say we are glad we took the decision to send Ava & Ayana to Splendor.
We wanted to start slow with 1/2 day to see how our twins adjust to going back to school. To our surprise they wanted to go full day as soon as Day 1.

The bond of friendship and community we formed at Splendor is invaluable.  We are thankful to Ms. Christine, Ms. Kathy, Ms. Sujan, Miss Ling and Dr. Litai for all their hard work & patience with the kids. I know I go crazy with the 3 I have.

You all have earned a special place in our hearts. And even though we part this year, we will carry you in our memories for a lifetime. You are the building blocks, the foundation of our twin’s future. Thank You for making us a part of Splendor Bilingual Montessori.

Mother of 5-year-old Twin Girls

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