We make many hard decisions throughout our lives and these decisions become exponentially harder once our children are involved.
When my son was three and a half I could tell that the preschool he had attended since he was 18 months old was no longer the right fit for him. He would tell me he didn't want to go to school, that school wasn't fun, etc. And when I would ask him what he learned in school, his answer would mostly be "we colored a picture or we sang the abc's". While these are perfectly fine things to be doing in a preschool, I could tell that he needed more stimulation.
As a former preschool teacher I had the skills to teach and engage him but I did not have the time. So the search for a new learning environment began. But would pull him out of the only school he knows, a place where he feels safe, be the right decision? Would another school provide the stimulation he needed? Would he be any happier at a different school? All difficult questions to answer.
I reached out on social media for suggestions and heard from one of my former colleagues from my teaching days, Miss Christine. She told me of the new school where she was teaching and said I should come for a visit.
I had heard of Montessori and even learned a bit about it in my early education classes but the idea of it scared me a bit. It was kind of like foreign territory. But once I stepped into the building, Keegan in tow, I knew that Splendor was going to be a great place for him. His eyes lit up immediately when he looked around the classroom and saw all of the materials he would be working with. Everyone I spoke to, from Miss Christine to Miss Litai to Miss Armela, was so warm and welcoming.
In the past year and a half my son has grown by leaps and bounds both academically and socially. He is more than ready for Kindergarten and has a thirst for learning that is quenched each and every day at Splendor. He is excited to talk about what he has learned and looks forward to learning new areas of the classroom.
Although it was a hard decision to make, I'm happy with my decision in picking Splendor. It was definitely the right choice!

Mother of 5-year-old boy