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Thanks Dr. Litai for asking me to speak. I’m very grateful for the chance to say a few words --- Not only because my wife and I think so highly of the Splendor Staff, but also because it allows us to convey what this school has meant to us. The only way that I can think to attest to that sentiment, is to illustrate my family’s experiences here. Our daughter, Francesca, graduates Kindergarten today; but it wasn’t that long ago that she was coming through the front doors for the very first time. We moved to the area three years ago due to work obligations. It took us awhile to get our bearings and we stumbled upon Splendor School by accident. Or, at least, that’s we thought. Sometimes when you are looking for something, you find it. Other times, that something finds you. We certainly found that something here at Splendor School. What we discovered was a welcoming community, with an attentive Staff, and happy n’ energetic children. Francesca found caring teachers and warm friends. And as parents, we were happy to find a place that she loved and an environment that didn’t just educated her --- but challenged her to think for herself. Set her own pace. And overcome obstacles through interactions and self discovery. That’s the Montessori way. Francesca arrived here three years ago as a loud, strong willed, and precocious little girl – and to my dismay, you haven’t fixed any of that! She hasn’t changed one bit – she may actually be worse. Undoubtedly, she has too much of her mother in her. 😊😊
Jokes aside, the Splendor Staff did something wonderful with Francesca. They helped hone who she already was, directed her energies, and she grew to love learning. That’s Montessori – to learn from self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. She has been exposed to so much. She is always curious, asks questions, and wants to learn more. That seed started here. I asked Francesca what her favorite part of Splendor school was. You may be surprised to learn that, she told me it was when Miss Christine gives her a new lesson. Not lunch or outdoor play or after-care activities. That alone says a lot. It says a lot about Miss Christine, but also this school and its Staff. For the record Funday Friday came in at a close second, but still… 😊😊
Our family’s experiences at Splendor extends to her little sister. Loriana started at a local daycare not far from here at only three months old. They were wonderful caretakers and very sweet to our baby. However, Loriana didn’t truly start to flourish in her own right until we enrolled her here in September. And since that time, we’ve been amazed at her speech and progress. We all want our children to love learning, to find joy in their lives, and to grow into good people. That’s a foundation that not only feeds the mind, but also the soul. I’m confident that our little girls have found much of that here.

Sadly, our tie to Splendor School is coming to an end; and not just because Francesca graduates today. We are moving out of the area soon; which means that Loriana’s own journey with Splendor will be cut short. That makes us very sad. But --- I’ll let you in on a little secret: We were going to move last year, but put off our plans so that Francesca could start and finish Kindergarten at Splendor. That’s how much we love this school. And along with our Church, and Francesca’s Karate School and Sensei, it is among the things that we will miss most about living here.

To Miss Christine, Miss Armela, Miss Sujan, Miss Natalia, and Miss Sarah – Thank you for giving so much of yourselves to our little girls. I wish I could put into words how much we appreciate you all and what you’ve given to them. And to Doctor Litai and Miss Ting, thank you for being so kind and understanding to us, especially in this last year – which has been challenging for us. No matter how many times I emailed you a question or sought your insight, you were always there to help. So now you’ve heard my testimony. You’ve heard my observations and my children’s experiences here at Splendor. And I bet that, with few exceptions, most of you (and your little ones) have had similar (if not identical) experiences to ours.
Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that the best indication of a great school? To know that it isn’t just a handful of students who have had these experiences; but all of them? That such sentiments are common, rather than rare?
Thank you for allowing me to share our story with you, and thank you to Splendor School for the last three years.

Father of a kindergartner and a 2-year-old girl