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Ages 2.5 - 3

In Pre-Primary Program, basic motor coordination and language development are cultivated while the individual personality is respected. The environment for the Pre-Primary is very nurturing with a calm community as these children are often experiencing their first interactions with other children.

Much of the materials in the Pre-Primary classroom serve as a bridge to the work done in the Primary classes. The children learn to focus on a particular task, return their materials to their proper place when finished and participate in a cooperative group. Vocal work with counting acts as an establishment for later math work. Also, at this age, these children are exploding into speech; therefore we provide them with an abundance of stories and songs.

The Montessori Pre-Primary class provides children under three-years old with experiences that support the development of their confidence and independence. This environment helps the children feel comfortable when they enter the much larger three to six years old program.

To learn more about our Pre-Primary Program enrollment, please attend an Open House event or schedule a tour with us today!

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